Accelerate Your 3D Gaming With Quake III on PocketC.H.I.P.

Alex showing off 3D accelerated Quake III on PocketC.H.I.P.

Alex showing off 3D accelerated Quake III on PocketC.H.I.P.

Youโ€™ve been asking for it and we heard you loud and clear. Today we’re releasing an alpha image for PocketC.H.I.P. that features our new MALI-400 3D acceleration driver. That’s right. You can now run Quake III with hardware acceleration directly on PocketC.H.I.P.!

Update: Take PocketC.H.I.P. Quake III to the next level with multiplayer, here’s how!

The software team has been hard at work to create this new PocketC.H.I.P. image, and thereโ€™s plenty more to read about (including shipping for the December holidays!) on the forum. But letโ€™s just jump ahead and get Quake III running on PocketC.H.I.P. first!

1. Flash PocketC.H.I.P. & Setup Wifi


Use the online flasher and update your PocketC.H.I.P. to the new alpha image with GPU acceleration. Flashing PocketC.H.I.P. will overwrite all of the data, but also installs an MLC NAND driver which gives you the full 8GB of storage space.

Once the flashing finishes, connect PocketC.H.I.P. to your WiFi network.

Note: Need help with setting up WiFi? Check out our online PocketC.H.I.P. docs.

2. Update the Package List

Update the list of packages available to your system by typing the command below, then press enter.
sudo apt update

When prompted for your password, type chip and press enter.

3. Install Git & Clone the Quake III

Install the version control software git so you can download the Quake III source code.
sudo apt install git

Use git to clone the source code for Quake III from GitHub to your PocketC.H.I.P..
git clone

4. Build Quake III

Change directories to the one you just cloned.
cd ioquake3-gles

Run the script, which compiles Quake III and makes a configuration change to the Awesome window manager. Just sit back and relax while the script does the work!

5. Play Quake III

Type the following command and get your frag on. Enjoy!

Note: To change the controls, start from the main menu of the game and use the arrow keys to highlight Setup, then press enter. In the new menu, use the same method to select the Controls and press enter. You can then bind the keys just the way you like.


Now that there is an alpha release of the 3D driver and a new NAND driver giving you 4GB more space on PocketC.H.I.P., what are you planning to install? Make sure to let us know in the comments below, and share your photos with us in the forum and on Twitter. Happy Fragging!

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My problem is that the chip flash update doesn’t work.
I stay on the first page and nothing happens. I use USB 2 and the chip is lighted and is powered up.
What’s wrong here?
Thanks for any help

I got problems too when flashing my Chip. Then I tried to download the image file first and the use the option “Flash from file” (I don’t remember what it’s exactly called..) and it works.

So mad Rite now spent 6 hours trying to get the new up date 4.4 would only get up to 5 percent restarted the computer to many times to count now I have just a blank screen.

Solution: First time i flashed it would hang and chip would shut off. Turns out you just need a more robust charger cable. All the cables i had laying around didnt work. I bought a good one and works like a charm!


Immensely thank you for this, in this times were companies sell stuff and then disappears is refreshing know that my investment for my PockeChip is been a good one (Last one was No Man Sky :'( )

Getting an error when trying to run “openarena”- I flashed to 4.4 3D, ran apt update then apt upgrade, then rebooted, then installed OpenArena as per this blog, then rebooted again, then ran “openarena”.

I get this message when I try to run “openarena”:

/usr/local/bin/openarena: line 7: ioquake3.arm: command not found

Hi i have issues to Flash the new image once time chrasht the flasher another time say the flasher where are issues with the usb cable . I test 3 different cables . Are existing a solution for the terminal ?

Great Work a Dream becomes true 8GB Flash !

I Really don’t get it? How can a Software update give you more Hardware, how can this new alpah update for PocketC.H.I.P. give it more built in storge?

Also will me get more storage for C.H.I.P.?

Thanks guys! Amazing Work! KEEP it UP! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m not one that has ever flashed anything before, so let me double check what i’ve read. Flashing my PChip will remove everything on it? So i’d have to install everything again? But that would get me pico8 0.1.9 and the other stuff?

Is there a good way to get a list of everything i’ve installed? Some command or something?

Bummer that flashing is the only way to update pico8.

I got it to run on my pocket chip.

TL;DR – clean 4.4 flash, sudo su’ under root’s home, to build, modify /usr/local/bin/openarena to use r_fullscreen 1

long story:
1) My first attempt failed with the ioquake3.arm command not found. However, I messed around with my first 4.4 install beforehand with openframeworks.. , probably screwed up the libs and x11 stuff.. So I decided to reflash my pocketchip with 4.4 to start fresh.

2) did a sudo su, and then ran all the commands up above as root (without the sudo of course now)

3) ran openarena, but it didn’t work.. either got a black screen or a white screen, but at least it seemed to be recognizing the mali driver.

4) then copied /usr/local/bin/openarena up to my local dir, looked inside, and by whim flipped r_fullscreen’s value to 1

5) ./openarena

it works!

Nice! Looks awesome. Now, just please team up with ScummVM to make a port to the PocketCHIP! I know one of the lead people reached out to you on twitter (after I asked @scummvm if they will make a port). So pleeeeeeeeeeease make it happen!

I preordered this in September. I still haven’t received it after emailing the company. If there is someone who is actually paying attention, I would love a reply. I have the invoice.

Installed without a hitch, loads no problem… Controls are a major issue though! I can get into the setup menu to reassign the buttons, but the font is too small to read. I’ve tried every button on the keyboard, but can’t get the game to launch. Any tips?

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