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Readers with a sharp eye will notice that this PlayStation Portable (PSP) is rocking a C.H.I.P.ster logo. But this isn’t a fancy PSP desktop wallpaper, this PSP isn’t even really a PSP at all, this is a C.H.I.P.Station Portable (or CSP for short).

The latest work of C.H.I.P.ster JKW, C.H.I.P.Station Portable uses the stock PSP buttons, screen, and case, but replaces all of the other electronic guts with a C.H.I.P. and a custom DIP. You don’t have to wait in line for this custom console, it’s all open source, so you can build your own!

Once JKW got a hold of an old PSP, he carefully took apart the device and planned how to replace the stock hardware with a C.H.I.P.. He’s no stranger to custom hardware, he’s already made a number of DIPs and projects.


The shape of the PSP’s main printed circuit board (PCB) is quite irregular (visible below in turquoise). There are many odd corners and a number of mounting holes, which ensure the board fits snugly inside the plastic enclosure. All of which make it challenging to measure.


Rather than use calipers or a ruler, JKW cleverly used his mill to precisely measure and record the PCB dimensions. Armed with this knowledge, he began planning his custom replacement PCB design.

Designing the custom PCB for C.H.I.P.Station Portable

Designing the custom PCB for C.H.I.P.Station Portable

Once the design was laid out, JKW used his mill to do what it was made to do: mill circuit boards! With the custom board in-hand, all JKW had left to do was install it in the case, plug C.H.I.P. in, and start installing cool emulators like PCSX ReARMed and RetroArch.


For more details on the bulid and how to make your very own C.H.I.P.Station Portable, take a look at the forum thread. And don’t forget to grab the open source design files for the custom DIP.

The command-line never looked so good!

The command-line never looked so good!


If you’re like us, you’re probably still in awe of this awesome hack. What classic console do you want to see modded with C.H.I.P. next? Make sure to share your ideas in the comments below, and tweet us any mods you’re in the process of building.

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