The PocketC.H.I.P. Cyberpunk Adventure Guide

The Year 2017An underground community of Pocketeers are creating their own cyberpunk future, hacking their PocketC.H.I.P.s far beyond a traditional game console. What follows is a guide to join their ranks. Jack in. Hack the Planet. Dream of Electric Sheep.

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Links We Like: Restoring a Xerox Alto, Reconsidering Cyberpunk, & Investigating the Sony PYXIS 360

Xerox Alto Photo by  Michael Hicks

Xerox Alto Photo by Michael Hicks

This week’s Links We Like follow Ken Shirriff restore a Xerox Alto, reconsider the future as told by cyberpunk fiction with Darran Anderson, and teardown the SONY PYXIS 360 portable GPS unit with Dave Jones.

If you’ve found any interesting links this week, make sure to share them in the comments below, or in our forum. We’re always on the hunt for new links to get lost in. Have a great weekend!

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