Add 4 More USB Ports to C.H.I.P. Thanks to Open Source Hardware


C.H.I.P. smothered in Queso DIP Photograph by JKW

C.H.I.P.ster Kolja Windeler (JKW on the forums) built an accessory board called Queso DIP that’s basically like attaching a powered USB hub directly to C.H.I.P.

The Queso DIP connects directly to C.H.I.P.’s header pins and provides 4 additional USB ports, plus it can power attached USB device and C.H.I.P.. This means you can plug-in anything from a webcam to USB hard drive and the Queso DIP will take care of the power management.

JKW also built Queso to handle higher input voltages (7-28V DC) than C.H.I.P. can normally use, and the DIP regulates these down to a USB-friendly level. In fact, he’s even used an old laptop charger to power Queso, a couple USB devices, and C.H.I.P.. Something you’d never want to do directly to C.H.I.P., but Queso takes care of it.

Of course, before you connect any power supply to Queso or C.H.I.P, you should consult the specs of the DIP, power supply, and C.H.I.P. closely. And if you’re not confident with what you find, don’t be shy about asking questions in our forums. Electricity is no joke!

Queso DIP: lots of power, lots of ports

Queso DIP: lots of power, lots of ports

Speaking of specs, JKW’s design files are open source and available on his github page. You’ll also find other resources like the list of parts (aka Bill of Materials) you need to build one of these boards. Or, if sourcing parts and soldering isn’t your thing, check the forums thread where JKW occasionally takes group orders.

Open Source Hardware in Action

Though we at NTC don’t have anything to do with the design or manufacturing of the Queso DIP directly, we’re huge fans and excited that JKW is creating accessories for C.H.I.P.! Community created hardware is a great result of C.H.I.P.’s open source hardware.

We’re committed to open source hardware and software because it encourages, enables, and fosters community participation and ultimately makes us all better off.

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