Security is a big deal. Everyday brings a new story about how hackers are creating networks of bots and stealing information and identities.

It’s easy to dive into using C.H.I.P. without thinking about this stuff, so we want to provide some guidelines on how to make your C.H.I.P. secure. This is especially important if you’re working with C.H.I.P. remotely on a network. You’ll not only want a secure C.H.I.P., but you’ll want the process as streamlined as possible.

Here’s some tips on making it easy to log into your C.H.I.P., make logging in more secure, and make your C.H.I.P. unique so you know it’s yours.

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NTC Project: Upcycle Your Old Speakers with C.H.I.P.


Upcycled speakers with C.H.I.P., a new amp, hard drive, and LiPo battery

I recently acquired a really handsome pair of speakers. The cabinets are made of a gorgeous solid walnut exterior, and have an ideal size that Goldilocks could only dream. You simply don’t find speakers that look this good anymore: veneer, plastics, and MDF rule the day when it comes to speaker materials.

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