GR8 News: C.H.I.P. Pro Powers the Outernet Lantern & VNYL TRNTBL


Great news! C.H.I.P. Pro Dev Kits are shipping, and two new third-party products are powered by C.H.I.P. Pro.

The Outernet Lantern, a satellite data receiver bringing the best of the internet to the world’s most remote communities, and the VNYL TRNTBL, a SONOS and Spotify connected record player, both use C.H.I.P. Pro for brains. They are the first examples of products that grew out of the C.H.I.P.ster community, a group of 60,000 makers, designers, and developers building the next generation of smart products.

This is just the beginning of products powered by C.H.I.P. Pro! We can’t wait to see what incredible products you come up with next.

Beam the Internet From Space!!!

The Outernet Lantern is a satellite data receiver that downloads free digital media anywhere on Earth. Lantern stores the downloaded data–material like Khan Academy, Wikipedia, and local news–and creates a local WiFi hotspot so that nearby devices can peruse its digital library.

Ultimately, Outernet’s goal is to make information and educational content accessible to people regardless of their location or how much money they can spend on network infrastructure.

“Because we’re looking to bring the benefits of the information age to the most remote and disconnected parts of the world, price and accessibility are the driving factors for all of our design decisions,” says Syed Karim, CEO of Outernet. “C.H.I.P. Pro allows us to offer the Lantern at a cost that makes it more accessible for the communities that would benefit the most.”

Outernet currently has receivers installed in over 50 countries worldwide, including Kenya, Columbia, India, and the Philippines. We’re overjoyed that C.H.I.P. Pro is helping make access to information less expensive and more widely available.

Stream All Your Vinyl

It looks like a traditional record player, but hidden within TRNTBL is a C.H.I.P Pro that wirelessly streams any vinyl you spin to compatible WiFi speakers like SONOS.

TRNTBL connects with your Spotify account to scrobble the artist, song, and album information to create a playlist of your listening session. Share your custom playlists with friends or DJ a live set from TRNTBL and broadcast it to the entire internet. You’ll never be at a loss for what to play next, TRNTBL suggests new albums and artists based on your listening history. Together TRNTBL and C.H.I.P. Pro bring vinyl into the streaming age.

“We are thrilled to be working with Next Thing Co. in bringing TRNTBL to market faster and more confidently,” says Nick Alt, Founder & CEO of VNYL, the maker of TRNTBL. “C.H.I.P. Pro allows us to imagine and create an incredible set of features on our new record player hardware. Making the leap from idea to product is thrilling, but as with any hardware project, it’s complicated and can feel incredibly daunting. Next Thing Co. has made mass production dramatically easier across the board.”

As lovers of music and retro tech, we’re excited to power TRNTBL and that Rolling Stone included it in their 35 Perfect Presents for Music Fans. We completely agree!


Lantern and TRNTBL are just the beginning of projects becoming C.H.I.P. Pro-powered products. Join the discussion in the forum to see what others are building with C.H.I.P. Pro.

Have a project you’re working on that could use C.H.I.P. Pro? Send us an email at and let us help you scale your project into a product.

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