C.H.I.P.sters in Focus: Custom C.H.I.P. Case Roundup

This week at the office we’re getting a new 3D printer for prototyping. It got me thinking about all the things I want to print. Rather than printing doodads and Yoda heads, I surfed over to the forum to look for custom C.H.I.P. enclosures.

The community did not disappoint! Custom enclosures abound! Some are 3D printable, others use Lego brick designs, and one gem simply repurposes the cardboard box C.H.I.P. ships in. Check them out.


Owad's C.H.I.P.bag is a sleek, low-profile case

It’s no Yellow Submarine! Photography by Owad

Owad’s C.H.I.P.bag is a sleek, low-profile C.H.I.P. case. This design actually has a few variations that make mounting the enclosure to other building systems –BitBeam a Lego Technic compatible build system– trivial. Below is an example of the Lego Technic mounting holes along the case sides. Check Owad’s Thingiverse page for more variants.

C.H.I.P.bag with Bitbeam makes attachment easy

C.H.I.P. in a bag, do not eat! Photography by Owad

Yet Another C.H.I.P. Case

Top and bottom of Yet Another C.H.I.P. case

Top and bottom of Yet another case photo by HerbTarlek

HerbTarlek created Yet Another C.H.I.P.case, a tip of the hat to the notion this isn’t the only case available. What stands out about this case is the built-in room for a battery. It’s an especially nice feature to include in a case, particularly since C.H.I.P. can run off a 3.7 LiPo battery out of the box. Grab a copy of the design files here.

Cardboard C.H.I.P. Case

C.H.I.P. cardboard case

C.H.I.P. cardboard case! Photography by Pgf

But 3D printing isn’t for everyone, espeically when it’s not really an essential method for case design. Pgf pushed the limits of alternative case design material using the box C.H.I.P. ships in as raw material. Rather than recycle the cardboard box that C.H.I.P. ships in, Pgf repurposed it as a cardboard case.

Grab a ruler, an X-acto knife, and a steady hand if you’re going to embark on cardboard case design. It’s absolutely rewarding, but it’s deceptive in its difficulty.

Lego Cases

Stab from the BBS built a Lego NES case for C.H.I.P.

Stab built this Lego NES case for C.H.I.P. and snapped the photo too

And then there are Lego cases. I’ve a special spot in my heart for anything Lego, and Stab’s case does not disappoint. Not only is it built out of Lego, it also resembles an NES!!! Check out the inspiration for Stab’s enclosure here.

Serayuzgur's case accommodates four C.H.I.P.s

Serayuzgur’s showing off a nice shot of a multi-C.H.I.P. case

Finally, there is Serayuzgur multi-C.H.I.P. enclosure pen. It might not be as aesthetically appealing as the NES case, but it certainly does wrangle five C.H.I.P.s well. Plus, from the design, you can glean that C.H.I.P. is about 8 studs by 5 1/2 studs. A must know, for any hardcore Lego case designer.

Howevever you decide to enclose your C.H.I.P., we’re interested in seeing it. Make sure to get over on the BBS and share your design. If you’ve got a more involved case build, or want to document a C.H.I.P. project, head over to our Hackster project page. Also, don’t forget to tweet us @nextthingco!

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