Support Open Source Software & Hardware on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is in full swing and we stand alongside our friends at Adafruit, Hackaday, and Make: encouraging you to support open source software and hardware projects.

Show your support by shopping at companies that sell open source product, and consider donating to open organizations like the Open Software Iniative and Wikipedia. Or simply support the cause by helping to spread the word. Share your favorite open source projects and make sure to tag the post #OpenCyberMonday.

Here at Next Thing Co, we take open source software and hardware seriously. It’s what we make. From our hackable animated GIF camera OTTO to C.H.I.P., PocketC.H.I.P., and C.H.I.P. Pro, the hardware and software we build is open.

Being open with our code and hardware makes perfect sense to us. We benefit from the work of numerous open source projects like Linux (the operating system powering all of our products). And we use open tools like Arduino, Lulzbot, and WordPress (the software powering this site) to help build our company and to help build more open source software and hardware.

Without the open source software, hardware, and tools we would have never been able to create the company we have today. To see all of our open source software and hardware files, browse your way over to our Github page. And the next time you build something, please release it as open source.

Thanks from all of us at NTC!
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